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Welcome to Rupini's

The name "Rupini" signifies "Beauty" in Tamil.

Rupini’s was established on the 2nd October 1994 as a sole proprietorship and later became a private limited company in 1997. The primary business of the company is to provide a wide range of bridal and beauty services. Rupini’s has successfully operated for 19 years and even opened 2 salons just  for men.

Holistic beauty care being the central theme at Rupini’s, our philosophy entails the total grooming of a person, both physical and mental.  Rupini’s prides itself to be the forerunner and a trendsetter among the Indian beauty salons in Singapore. Using herbal and fruit based products in a calm and soothing..


Threaded my brows for the first time at the holland v branch two weeks ago and the service was really nice and the lady who attended to me was very friendly so cheers to that! My brows are in the shape that i want and thank you, will be back there again :)